ROVM (Remote Object Virtual Machine)

Last updated : March 21, 2006


ROVM is a virtual machine to read/write/execute remote objects. ROVM consists of various packages. ROVM Server and ROVM Interface supports features to connect each other, and ROVM Client support features to debug your opcodes easily.

We want to do programming like below,

import weongyo@

class OPS
  int add (int b, int x)
    ABCDEF a = ABCDEF ();
    return a.add (b, x);

O = OPS ();
t = O.add (3, 4);
It's a purpose of ROVM to support these things.


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  • March 21, 2006
    • Released ROVM Server v0.1.35a. Added the encrypted communication using OpenSSL, Option, User authentication.
    • Released ROVM Client v0.0.1g. Support the encrypted communication and User authentication.
    • Released ROVM Interface v0.0.1c. Support the encrypted communication and User authentication.
    • Released ROVM Library v0.0.1g Addded sha1 and math extension modules.
  • March 2, 2006
    • Released ROVM Library v0.0.1e. Added md5 extension module.
  • March 1, 2006
    • Released ROVM Server v0.0.35b. Clink here to see more detailed info.
    • Released ROVM Interface v0.0.1b
    • Released ROVM Library v0.0.1d


  • A Library or Extension Module which written for ROVM can be used for every computer language.


  • (2006-03-01) We want a Extension Module Developer. If you have some ideas, contact us.


If you have no knowleage about ROVM, Read `ROVM Tutorial Document' first.



0.0.35a -> 0.1.35a

  • ROVM Server
    • ROVM Server use a encrypted communication using OpenSSL as default. You need to upgrade your ROVM Interface and ROVM Client.
    • Support the user authentication. If you want to use this function, you should make conf/passwd file using htpasswd which be shipped with Apache.
    • Support the option file. See conf/rovm.conf file.
  • ROVM Client v0.0.1g
    • To support the encrypted communication, the source was modified.
    • To support the encrypted communication, the source was modified and you should use e://<userid>@<hostname>:<port> format to use the user authentication.
  • ROVM Interface v0.0.1c
    • To support the encrypted communication, the source was modified. However, it support only the anonymous mode.
  • ROVM Library v0.0.1g
    • Added SHA1 extension module.
    • Added math extension module.

0.0.35a -> 0.0.35b

  • ROVM Server
    • We did some stress tests which focused on Garbage Collection and Memory Allocation using multi-thread tests, and we ascertain some stabilities.
    • ROVM Server can be executed as daemon. But you should modify ROVM Server's source code by your hand because ROVM Server does not support configuration file.
    • When GC thread removes a ObjRef, __del__ method runs automatically if ObjRef have __del__ method in their body.
  • ROVM Interface
    • Supports all 35 opcodes instruction which be embodied in ROVM Server
  • ROVM Library